Faux Rabbit Skin 5’x7’ Feet Polyester Made Area Rug Carpet Black Color - LA Rug Linens

RugBerry Faux Fur Rabbit Collection 1-inch Thick Shag Rug 5' x 7' ft Black


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  • SOFT LUXURY FAUX RABBIT SKIN RUG: Made from artificial material, this beautiful rabbit skin rug looks and feels like the real thing and would make for a great decoration for your home, bedroom, or living room - one your guests and family would love!
  • SPRUCE UP YOUR HOME: There's no better way adding a friendly and cozy feel to your home! You can use it as a comfortable rug for your home and business
  • Made from 100% artificial materials, and no animals were harmed in making it.
  • This faux rabbit skin rug contains no toxic or otherwise harmful materials and is perfectly safe for you and your family.
  • This rug is THICKER and PLUSH. The back lining is made of premium suede with quality stitching along the edges. The approximate size is 5x7. Its approximate pile height is 1 inch.